Custom Acrylic Awards

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Recognize your team with acrylic awards from Cottage Corporation! We create custom, personalized awards out of a variety of high-quality plastic materials, including acrylic, polystyrene, ABS, and more.

One of the most effective things you can do when operating a business is to recognize your employees for their efforts and reward them. At Cottage Corporation, we specialize in producing acrylic rewards, which can be personalized for individuals and companies alike. With our acrylic manipulation and customization abilities, we are able to get you the products you need to operate a successful facility. It doesn’t matter if you need awards or any other product, such as containers, displays, fixtures, and more, we can get you what you need to be successful.

If you choose to reward your employees with custom plastic awards, you will be providing a morale boost to your employees. When you come to Cottage Corporation for your award fabrication needs, we will sit down with you to discuss exactly what you are looking for. It doesn’t matter how many awards you need, how complex the design is, or how you want them to be finished and polished, our plastic fabrication experts can create whatever you need within your desired budget. Some of the benefits that come with surprising your employees with awards include:

Higher Morale

If your employees feel as though they are valued members of your organization, the company morale is bound to be increased. By periodically presenting your employees with awards, or even surprising them with the awards on special occasions, you can boost the atmosphere within your company. While some companies stay away from holding set awards ceremonies on a consistent basis, such as monthly, bi-monthly, and more, it is not always a bad thing when properly monitored. While you don’t want your employees working solely for the chance to win an award, you do want to provide them with an occasional boost. If you can hand out awards and not make it the sole focus of your company’s motivation, you can operate a successful business. To learn more about how occasional award distribution can increase company morale, contact our team today.

Increased Confidence

Additionally, occasionally rewarding your employees with custom acrylic awards can provide a much-needed confidence boost. If your company is struggling with business or has gone through some hard times, providing the occasional award can benefit the confidence of your employees. Additionally, small awards or incentives can be beneficial for new employees who may still feel out of place at your company. By encouraging and showing your employees that they are valued, you can increase their confidence.

Enhanced Work Ethic

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, providing your employees with the occasional award can drive them to work harder than they have before. When your business is succeeding, your employees are succeeding, and it makes them feel part of something bigger than themselves. In addition to individual awards, the more successful your business is, the higher the chance you have to win various industry awards. People want to be part of a successful operation and will work harder when they believe they are successful.

What Different Awards Can You Incorporate?

While there are simple awards you can give out to your employees, such as employee of the month, you can also go above and beyond to look behind the veil and see what other passions motivate your employees. To have an encompassing, welcoming work environment where every employee feels valued, you need to put a lot of effort into cultivating a unique workplace culture. Here are some different awards you could consider giving to your employees to improve the environment and desire to work hard:

  • Community Service Award
  • Ultimate Team Player Award
  • Unit MVP Awards
  • Most Growth
  • Top Performer Award
  • Peer-Voted Award

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With our advanced production methods, our team can engineer nearly any award design you can imagine. Whether you already have an idea for the award design or want us to provide suggestions, we’ll walk you through the process from start to finish to ensure your complete satisfaction. Your employees will feel honored to receive the awards after we’ve polished them to sparkling perfection! Let’s get started today— connect with us online.