Edge Finishing & Polishing

Acrylic Edge Finishing and Polishing

As part of our custom fabrication and manufacturing process, we offer several acrylic edge finishing and polishing options to take your project to the next level and provide you with the edge finish you desire.

The best technique for your project often depends on the materials used, whenever possible, we highly recommend diamond polishing for an expert finish. ​Are you looking for advice from a materials expert? We can help you find the right design solution! With decades of experience, we can help you with material selection, complex applications and technical challenges. 

Ask one of our experts for more information about the materials and services we offer by filling out the contact form.

Our acrylic finishing and polishing options include:


Laser cutting is the best way to achieve polished holes and a clear polished edge in one step. 


Flame polishing provides a glass like transparent finish on acrylic after machining while reducing sharp edges. With flame polishing, we are able to create complex finishes as well as rounded edges and shapes. This technique takes expertise and precision to get the best result possible, and our certified professionals will get you the look you desire for your product.


Our diamond polisher removes any marks made during the initial cutting of the material and produces a clear-as-glass finish. It also offers the ability to be applied in tandem with almost all printing and mounting processes.

Buffed Edge Finish

Buffing is often used to obtain a high-quality finish even after machine polishing. It is especially beneficial for products of a greater thickness and those highly visible to the audience at close range. Buffing gives a high gloss finish while removing any final impurities caused by the production process. At Cottage Corporation, we typically use buffing for thicker pieces, because it’s one of the easier ways to get thicker products to your satisfaction. Contact us today to get started!

Saw-Cut Edge

With saw-cut edging, we do nothing to the acrylic after we take it off the saws. The product is sold and distributed as-is. With our state-of-the-art technology, our saws make smooth, even cuts to the edges of our plastic products, so we know you’ll be satisfied if you’re looking for the most basic finish for your project.

Hand Scraping

Despite the high-quality technology we use for our plastic cutting services, the edges will inevitably be sharp. While some people prefer using our products straight off the saw, which we call saw-cut, others prefer that we edge the products by hand. By doing this, we’re able to whittle down the edges so they take on a smooth finish, which removes the sharp edges of saw-cut materials.

Milled Edge

If you’re looking for a slightly more sophisticated look for your plastic products, you may want to consider a milled edge finish. Milled edges are an efficient way to add flair to your product. With milled edge finishing, a frosted edge is added to the acrylic after it goes through one of our high-speed machines. To learn more about milled edging, contact our team today.

Beveled and Bullnose

While some of our customers request a beveled edge just for looks, most of our customers request this unique look for functionality. Beveled edges are great if you’re looking to fuse one piece with another, and they also improve safety. Bullnose finishing takes some time to create, as it requires our machines rounding both the top and bottom edge of every piece.

Acrylic is an extremely versatile material and can be used for any number of projects and in many different ways. The way in which acrylic is machined and cut will have a profound effect on the time taken and the ease with which it can be cleaned and polished. Contact us today to get started!