The hallmark of effective retail merchandising is a unique, eye-catching display. The shape, position, color, texture, size, and arrangement of the display fixtures you place in your stores all contribute the customers’ perception of the merchandise and their overall visual experience. That’s why it’s so important to differentiate yourself from your competitors as you design and implement displays.  

So how do you do that? Opting for custom acrylic displays and fixtures is a great place to start. Below, the fabrication experts at Cottage Corporation explain the benefits of using acrylic displays in your visual merchandising.

Acrylic Offers Unmatched Malleability

One of the greatest benefits of acrylic is that it can be molded into virtually any shape. Whatever kind of display you’re dreaming up to differentiate yourself from the competition, you can achieve it with acrylic. The possibilities are unlimited, so get creative! Just a handful of the things you can do include:

●        Build large, eye-catching displays

●        Create smaller add-ons to your existing displays

●        Design mobile or stationary displays

●        Build containers and fixtures

●        Build props that accommodate multiple types of lighting

Acrylic Offers Incredible Design Versatility

One of the best things about acrylic is that it can be imbued with just about any texture or color. This allows you to implement engaging touch and feel displays that perfectly complement the look and feel of your brand. Too, you can use custom acrylic displays to create a sharp visual contrast that immediately draws the eye to merchandise items you’d like to highlight more clearly.

Acrylic Is Highly Durable

If you’re going to invest in custom retail displays and fixtures, invest in products that last. Acrylic is one of those products. Though acrylic might seem fragile because it’s lightweight, it’s surprisingly durable. Acrylic displays are sturdy enough to handle the weight of heavy merchandise and can also withstand impact without breaking or cracking. In fact, acrylic can withstand up to 10 times more impact than certain other display materials!

Acrylic Displays Are Highly Transportable

Acrylic is one of the lightest materials you can use to create custom merchandising displays. Even thick sheets of it are far less weighty than many other materials of similar size. Given its manageable weight, acrylic is one of the best, if not the ultimate, material to opt for when you want to create mix-and-match or reconfigurable display units.

Since you can easily move acrylic displays throughout a retail location, you can repurpose them in a variety of merchandising setups. Even better, because they’re so durable, you’ll enjoy long-term use. Depending on how you handle and maintain acrylic, it can last for years.

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