Waste Challenge - Plastic Sheet and commingled materials

As a large user of various types of plastic sheet including acrylic, styrene, ABS, and PETG plastics, we create large quantities of plastic shavings, cut-offs from sawed materials, and waste from CNC routed materials. Plastic does not biodegrade quickly into the biosphere.

The Cottage Solution:

Cottage has worked in conjunction with industrial reclamation companies to recycle our waste materials. Last year, Cottage recycled more than 190,000 lbs. of waste plastic materials. This represents the equivalent of more than 2,000 4’ x 8’ sheets of plastic.

Our recycled waste is turned into re-grind material that becomes utility grade plastic sheet. Certain types of our plastic waste is melted down and made into resins that are used in the manufacture of various injection molded plastic parts and components.

Cottage has a program in place with area schools where we donate acrylic sheet cutoffs for use in industrial education classes.

Plastic sheet is shipped in on large 4’ x 8’ wooden pallets. We re-use these pallets by cutting them down to a standardized pallet size and use them for outgoing shipments.