Waste Challenge - Corrugated Materials

Cottage is a huge user of corrugated materials. Virtually everything we make is put into a carton. Also, much of the product that we re-package for retail display arrives in corrugated cardboard. In addition, our raw materials arrive protected in corrugated products. The net result is a large amount of corrugated materials waste.

The Cottage Solution

In 2012, Cottage purchased a PacMaster Corrugated Shredding machine. This device processes scrap and corrugated boxes into high quality packing mats. The PacMaster technique converts empty corrugated boxes, which previously cost money to dispose of, into “free” large-volume filler material suitable for packing even sensitive goods for transport. The corrugated boxes are simply cut to the required format in the preliminary cutter.

Cottage works with our waste management vendor to recycle all other non-reusable corrugated waste material. Cottage recycles a minimum of 9 cubic yards of corrugated each and every month. That is a total of 450 lbs. per cubic yard. This translates into recycling about 50,000 lbs. of corrugated each year.